Would you like to experience
your future right now?

Together with you We work for your future

Together, we create future driven innovations, provide you with support in their development, and ensure that your current and future customers will be deeply satisfied.

To visualize the future potential, we develop A common understanding

We visualize the emotions in a changing world to give you an understanding about future desires.

We create unique spaces for Inspiration and ideation

We design miniature spaces, which provide the context for understanding your customer’s needs and desires enabling true innovation.

For your innovation, we identify A suitable context and correct identity

To do so, we develop ‘user stories’ to verify the innovation’s benefits and ensure that it will inspire your customers.

We provide your innovation with A diverse set of attractive features

To achieve innovations which emotionally connect with your customers we enrich your innovations with subtle features enabling them to better compliment the customers’ lifestyle.

Early on, we conduct Rapid Prototyping

To make your innovation more tangible, we develop renderings, mock-ups and CAD models as well as high quality functional models with genuine materials.

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In a time full of change, where the world seems ‘to fall apart’, strategic expertise and innovative thinking are needed – in other words, Poetic-Design. Prof. Dr. Eckhard Minx, Die Denkbank


Should your customers
fall in love with your products?

We develop Products with character

Using a wide variety of design concepts, we deliver a number of alternatives each able to delight your customers with its perfect proportions and subtle designs.

We create a link between Function and emotion

We combine properties and applications to achieve innovative results. For example, we combined LED technology with water resulting in an innovative curtain of sparkling light.

Fascinating technologies lead us to New user experiences

Versatile functionality and an intuitive user interface will combine to create a passion for your products.

We develop attractive features to produce a Unique appearance

Fascinated customers are no coincidence. Our design creates an innovative atmosphere attracting potential customers and strengthening your branding.

We let the customer build a Relationship with your product

By testing the interaction between the product and its environment, we are able to perfect the design and enrich the product with a variety of options.

We create outstanding quality through Color and materials

We develop a comprehensive set of proposals each offering a significantly different appearance and personality.

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Of critical importance to us in our work with Poetic is that we always receive well-conceived and well-structured design concepts which, above all, have been created with a detailed technical understanding with respect to the manufacturability and costs. Dr. Steffen, Managing Director of Development, Rittal GmbH & Co. KG


Do you want to open new markets
for your technology?

We develop New applications for your technology

Using functional and design models, prototypes, and engineering data, we demonstrate concretely how new applications can be implemented.

We are passionate about Functional solutions

We attach great importance to integrating all functions in order to provide the best possible user experience.

We assume responsibility for the Development of your components

We produce mock-ups or computer simulations to test functions, features and operational procedures. Moreover, we supply drawings of the components, exploded assembly drawings, and illustrations of manufacturing, material and color alternatives.

We accompany you as you Go live

On request, we can supervise the creation of tools for the mass production of your product, and through our close collaboration with diverse suppliers, we can recommend the right partner for your needs.

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Poetic lives up to its name as they not only understand the technical issues but also, as artists, are able to change their perspective thereby achieving surprising results. Dr. Tobias Nickel, Director Communication and Marketing, Dräxlmaier Group


Do you want your ideas to
inspire customers around the world?

Our involvement turns ideas into Successful products

Over 10 million customers value our products in such widely divergent industries as transportation, communication, lifestyle, automation, and medical technologies.

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Poetic – where creative ideas become meaningful market solutions. Prof. Dr. Norbert Wieselhuber
CEO and Managing Partner, Dr. Wieselhuber & Partner GmbH


Are you looking for a design studio with
extensive experience and superior references?

We are Poetic

Our name, Poetic, was derived from the ancient Greek word ‚poesis‘ which is defined as the art of making and creating - passing invisible desires into tangible experiences. With our innovative spirit, our compassion for creating the perfect design, and our extensive experience in managing innovations through the entire design process, we create a wide variety of successful solutions for our customers.

Our mission is to Strengthen your brand

The focus of our service is the transfer of your corporate identity and brand into innovative products and services. Using visualization tools, we provide you with a clear understanding of the possible solutions enabling you to make informed decisions.

We invite our clients to participate in The joy of the design process


We are a small, but perfectly synchronized design team. We stand for rapidly generated, customized solutions without unnecessary overhead or “bells and whistles”. We strive for dedication, motivation, and inspiration in our daily work.

Swantje Rößner

After 20 years of professional experience as a designer and manager at BMW (the BMW Group), Swantje Rößner started the field of Innovation at Poetic Design in 2011. At Poetic, Swantje focuses on the strategic
mehr anzeigen and conceptual development of products and services. She also collaborates with other design studios, is listed as a speaker at the London Speaker Bureau, and holds guest lectures in various European universities. weniger anzeigen

Andreas Rößner

Andreas Rößner managed a studio for over 20 years, which focused on designing communication products and developing products for technology start-ups. In the spring of 2011, he founded Poetic Design mehr anzeigen together with Swantje Rößner. Andreas is a passionate product designer with extensive technical expertise. His designs have won several notable design awards. He also garnered several years of design experience in Italy and the US. weniger anzeigen

Competence and expertise demonstrated by Market successes and awards

  • Siemens mobile phone S4
  • Siemens mobile phone S10
  • BMW X5 interior design
  • BMW 7er interior design
  • Red Dot Award 2006 dental scanner ES1, Etkon
  • IF Design Award 2006 - CrossLiner, RoboToolz
  • IF Design Award 2004 - laser tools, RoboToolz
  • IF Design Award 1997 - mobile phone S3, Siemens
  • Industrial Design Excellence Award Gold 1994
  • First Place of Excellence in Design by Appliance Manufacturer Magazine 1993
  • Design Plus Award 1991
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I believe that a great innovation is born when designers exercise their imagination by building a bridge between their heart and their mind. The more unique these two qualities are, the greater the resulting creative spectrum. I was reminded of this recently when Poetic gave me the opportunity to work with their best creative talent. I thank them for their inspiration - paired with an outstanding intellect and sense of humanity. Chris Bangle, Managing Director; CBA srl.

Do you have any questions? Contact us

Corneliusstraße 6
80469 München
Tel +49 89 4523 556 0
Fax +49 89 4523 556 19

Poetic is located in the heart of Munich, next to Gärtnerplatz, in walking distance to Marienplatz. S-Bahn Isartor, U-Bahn Fraunhoferstraße.

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